Build Self Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Are you lacking that inner personal confidence that seems so easy for others?
  • Do you avoid situations or opportunities that require you to push forward?
  • Are you missing out on opportunities because you believe you don't have what it takes?
  • Would you like to have more confidence so you can live a more fulfilled life?

A lack of self confidence can spoil you life in so many ways and you may already have missed out on good opportunities because of low confidence. Self confidence and self esteem go hand in hand.

Low self esteem can be self-worth or identity related and it can negatively affect your self image.

Using Positive Mind Positive Brain Therapy, I can help you to change for the better, build the neuro-muscles for confidence and upskill your mindset so you can feel calm, confident and in control, see yourself in a good light and boost your self image.

The level of confidence you have now is controlled by sub-conscious patterns that were set up early in life and reinforced over time. These patterns might include negative self talk, avoidance, self-doubt, anxiety symptoms or low self esteem.

Confident people radiate a powerful positive energy that other people can sense, just by being near them. This vibrant energy radiates from within and speaks volumes. It says "Yes, I can....."

The Benefits of a Confidence Building Programme

Our programme is designed around you.

We use advanced techniques to help you to re-programme your subconscious mind, so you can:

  • access and amplify the confidence you already have
  • build and strengthen the neuro-muscles for confidence
  • overcome any psychological blockages
  • release or resolve any trauma or negative experience
  • increase your ability to take the necessary actions steps needed
  • move towards success in all areas of your life

Ask yourself, how would it really feel to:

  • follow the path you choose in life without letting other things get in your way
  • heighten your performance at work, at home and in your social life
  • be the best you can be, in whatever you choose to do
  • speak to anybody, anywhere, with confidence and ease
  • feel integrated and balanced within yourself
  • automatically think in a helpful constructive way
  • speak to yourself and others using positive empowering language
  • live in accordance with your values
  • be authentic and feel comfortable showing your true self to the world
  • finally become the person you want to be

Our programme can help you to do just that.

Types of Confidence

Performance Confidence refers to your general beliefs about what you are able to do. People who are high in performance confidence believe they are capable of achieving things generally. They are often high in mental toughness. Before a match, the footballer, Wayne Rooney, is said to find out what colour shorts, socks and shirt his team will be wearing, so he can enhance his psychological preparation in advance of the match. According to an article in the Telegraph on 22 January 2014, Rooney lies in bed and imagines himself scoring goals and doing well. He is literally creating a future memory, so that his brain sees it as "already happened". By using all his senses, Rooney can imagine the feel of the ball on his foot, the sound it makes as it flies through the air, the smell of the grass and the sound of the crowd cheering. Rehearsing positive mental imagery is a good practice and builds inner confidence so that when it comes to the real event, it feels right.

Our programme helps you to perform at your best in exams, tests, interviews and at work.

Social Confidence is all about how we think, feel and behave with others in social situations. Low levels of social confidence can manifest as anxiety or negative self image. Thoughts like "am I underdressed or overdressed", "what if I don't know what to say?" "What if nobody likes me?" It's as if people with low social confidence are trying to read the minds of others and hoping that everyone will approve of them. By focussing on themselves rather than what's going on around them, they often miss out on having fun. High levels of social confidence allow people to mix easily and speak freely and confidently amongst others. They are not thinking about making mistakes, they are going with the flow and if they make a mistake so what, they move on. They appear more interested in others than themselves. When you have social confidence you can enjoy life more, do better at work, make more friends and feel more fulfilled in life.

Our programme helps you to socialise, have more fun and get on better with others.

Physical Confidence refers to how people view their physical bodies, attractiveness, appearance and body image. Low levels might show up when someone thinks they are ugly, fat or unattractive to the opposite sex, even though they may be just average. High levels of physical confidence allow you to believe in yourself totally, no matter how you look. It literally is all in the mind. We know that attractiveness has many different ingredients and low self confidence, or low self esteem is counter-productive to a healthy happy life. When you develop a strong personal sense of physical confidence you win at life.

Our programme helps you to build and integrate all three types of confidence so you can be at your best.

Practice Makes Permanent

Self confidence is reinforced by successfully achieving your goals, however small, and acknowledging them.

Our programme helps you to build upon your positive attributes and see yourself as the master creator of your life.

Your brain learns the skills of confidence and soon it will become the default.

Just like any other habit, when you practice being confident, you become more confident. Practice makes permanent.

Talk to me about building your confidence, don't waste any more time, you deserve to be confident!

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