Check out what clients say about how they achieved great results...

The therapeutic relationship forms part of the therapy and you will find me to be friendly, encouraging and professional. But don't take my word for it, read what some of my clients have said about how I helped them to reach their goals, like overcoming anxiety, becoming more confident, losing weight etc.. Without action there is no achievement.

Sleep Well

"Hiya Mary, I just wanted to update you. The sleep tape has worked wonders! I have managed to develop a really good sleep routine and the tape puts me to sleep so well! I started my first day at my new job yesterday and I awoke so refreshed and alert thank you so much xx" -Heather

Liberation from Smoking

"It has been two weeks since my session to quit smoking with Mary and what liberation I am feeling. I am finally free of the crutch that was hindering me in so many ways. I have finally moved from dependence to freedom and am overcome with an inner glow of self empowerment. Thank you Mary for providing me with the tools and support for this life changing transition. I would recommend to anyone who felt ready to break free from the chains of smoking." -Chelsea

Update: "6 months smoke free and loving it!" -

Absolutely Amazed!

"Hi Mary, We have just returned from an amazing two weeks holiday in Greece. Usually, on our return I get very low and anxious, getting back to normal. I just have to tell you this, I am absolutely amazed, I am calm, happy, and taking everything in my stride. My husband can't believe it either. We both put it down to the excellent counselling I have had from you. You have changed my life, I can't thank you enough. All the very best." -Jan x

Multiple Problems

“I have just finished a 6 week course with Mary. I went to her through recommendation from a very impressed client. Over the 6 weeks Mary helped me with multiple problems. I felt stronger & more able to cope from the first session. Each week things definitely improved. I would recommend Mary because of the effect she's had not only with me but with my friend also. If you have any issues book an initial appointment I'm sure you will be impressed.” -Jill

Anxiety & Depression Lifted

“I was recommended to Mary by a friend. At the time I was in a very dark place, suffering from anxiety and deep depression. Just after one session with Mary, I could not believe the difference I felt. As the weeks went by with each session I felt more calm, relaxed and positive. I would not hesitate in recommending Mary to anyone that needs help. She has truly been an inspiration and huge help to me.” -Jan

It's ok to be Skeptical

"I was very skeptical when I contacted Mary, mainly because I have never really believed that hypnosis would help with my issues. However, Mary immediately made me feel at ease, and did not promise me the she would change my world.

However, what she did do was show me a way of coping with my issues on a daily basis using proven techniques and of course the use of hypnosis. I am happy to say, that although I am still a work in progress in a few areas, they are nowhere near as bad as they were. This is thanks to Mary’s easy, relaxed approach, her voice when going into a hypnotic state is very relaxing and easy to listen to. The techniques work if your follow Mary’s guidance. I am happy to recommend Mary, and will continue to use her on an adhoc basis to ensure I stay on top of everything." -Mark

Zoom Away Anxiety

"I used to have hypnotherapy seasons with Mary face to face when she lived closer to me. I was gutted when she moved away, as she helped me so much with my anxiety and chronic pain. Mary changed my life around and truly is the most caring person. I came out of my shell. Did things I never thought I would do. I hadn’t spoke to Mary for years and starting suffering with serve mental health problems last year with taking a overdose.

I got back in contact with Mary and we started doing sessions over Zoom. This has been amazing! It’s like her being in the room with me, I have the comfort of my own home, feel relaxed and enjoy every session, she is helping me so much and can not thank her enough. Honestly I recommend any one with any mental health issues to see Mary, she is amazing and has a heart of gold. She cares about you and takes her time in every session on your needs. She is understanding and easy to talk to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help." -Becky

Still no Smoking

"Hi Mary, I hope you are well ..It's 6 months today and still not smoked." -Maxine

"It's one year this month - still no smoking!"


Telephone Therapy

I didn’t want to stop my hypnotherapy sessions after the COVID-19 lockdown announcement. Mary offered my sessions either on-line or via the phone as it worked with other clients. I decided to give it a go and can confirm it’s a success (I’ve now had 2 sessions via phone). If anything, I feel more relaxed as I’m in my own home. The only difference is, Mary will ask me to tell her when my eyes have opened etc as she can’t see me. Besides that, everything feels pretty much the same.” -Maria

Back in the Good Health Zone

“I attended a weight loss workshop with Mary which I found to be extremely informative and motivational. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself, I truly enjoyed the hypnosis sessions which were relaxing. The very next day, i was up and out for a cycle on my bike, and have been cooking lots more vegetables. My shopping basket was also full of lots more fruit and veg than normal, and I am feeling great. Thank You Mary, you really put me 'back in the good health zone', which I had been struggling to get back into for a year.” -Anne-Marie

The Day my Healing Truly Began

"In the last 6 years I have tried multiple self help books, read psychology papers, tried different practices and techniques. Nothing worked for me until I met Mary. That was the day my healing truly began." -Lexie

It all came Easy!

"I would definitely recommend Mary for hypnotherapy for weight loss. Since starting the sessions it changed my outlook on food and really made me think about what I was eating and when I was eating it. The weight started coming off and I really felt like I wasn’t trying and it all came easy. I still feel like I enjoy food and am not restricted about what I eat, I just know about making better choices and not to eat for the sake of eating." -Holly

I can...and I did!

"Can't recommend Mary enough. She understood me straight away and made me understand that I Can make changes to improve my wellbeing. And I did. She helped me a lot! Thank you so much." -Rasa

Bird Phobia Gone!

"Mary helped me with a fear of birds flapping using BWRT. The session was done over Skype/Zoom and I feel was as effective as if I was with her in person. Mary is very knowledgeable and was easily able to pinpoint my issue. Years later I am free of the panic and emotional response from a flapping bird, now they just cause me to notice them without a negative response. I feel calm and relaxed. Thank you Mary 10/10." -Helen

Driving Anxiety

"I’m really pleased to inform you that I’m driving and I’m doing well !! It feels so good to fight this monster and win. I believe that you’ve helped me with this a lot." -Klaudia

Passed my Exam!

"I really enjoyed the sessions. They gave me the space I needed to manage my anxiety. I can honestly say that if it were not for these sessions I would have panicked and failed, because staying calm allowed me to think clearly - I passed by 3 marks and I am over the moon!" -Nikki

Overcoming Depression - A million times better!

"Hi Mary, I just wanted to email you to thank you for everything you did to help me overcome my depression and anxiety quite a few months back. I have noticed now that I am a MILLION times better. I am off all of my medication now.

I went to see my GP yesterday for something else and he asked how I'm getting on with my mood. I said amazing and he could even see the difference. He asked me what I thought 'fixed' me and I said that I had BWRT with you and it worked so so well. To the point of him now saying he is going to advise his patients of it! I hope you don't mind, but I passed on your name and the treatment that we did.

So, again.. I just wanted to say thank you so so so much for all your hard work and for fixing me. Thanks!" -Tasha

Back in Control

"Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding....Great outcome from your visits...made me feel back in Control of life...Reaffirming the inner peace of the mind and enabling a positive stance on life...Thank you."


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