Positive Mind Positive Brain Retraining for Weight Loss and Healthy Weight Maintenance

Are You Still Struggling to Lose Weight, Get into Shape, and Maintain it ?

Let me help you to unlock the hidden power of your brain so that you can:

  • Finally lose the weight and fat you deserve to lose
  • Take back control and empower yourself to be healthier
  • Feel like “the old you” again with bags of energy and vitality
  • Regain your self esteem and self-control in every situation
  • Get rid of cravings and compulsive eating
  • Give yourself the best possible chance of a healthy life
  • Get rid of your "fat" clothes for good
  • Learn the tools and techniques of successful weight loss and weight management
  • Feel more in control of your eating, your hunger and your emotions
  • At last ditch the yo-yo dieting for good
  • Make the right choices that put you in the driving seat
  • Regain your confidence and let it shine
  • Love yourself and your body

Weight Loss In this programme, you discover exactly what's been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. It's not lack of willpower, determination or laziness. Your brain holds the key, and once you unlock the secret power of your brain you can set yourself free.

Some people yo-yo diet most of their adult life, or go to extreme lengths to get rid of unwanted fat. Neuroscience has shown us an easier way. When you retrain your brain, you change habits of a lifetime. You can turn cravings around to work for you and not against you. You can free yourself of being a food addict.

Chris says: "I enjoyed the hypnotherapy, it was very relaxing and I always felt great afterwards. I learnt to take control of my cravings and keep the image of what I wanted to become in my mind which saw me through my weight loss. What is different is that I no longer have cravings for cakes and desserts and do not feel deprived when eating healthy food. Now I enjoy my healthy meals as much as I enjoyed cream cakes before the hypnotherapy. I’ve lost 1.5 stone and can get into clothes I haven’t worn for 10years. I would and have recommended you to others."

When you Change Your Mind you Change Habits of a Lifetime

Don't let destructive habits sabotage your healthy weight goals.

Are you familiar with any of these?

  • Comfort eating
  • Bored eating
  • Joy eating
  • Stress eating
  • Sadness eating
  • Loneliness eating
  • Eating because it's there
  • Eating to please others

Changing you mind is easy when you use the latest neuroscience techniques that work from the inside out.

We can devise a plan that will be individually crafted to suit your needs, which will be:

  • Specifically tailored to fit your lifestyle
  • Measurable, achievable and realistic
  • Made to suit your timescale

You don't have to remain stuck with a shape or weight you are not happy with.

All it takes is for you to want the changes to happen, and be committed to making it happen.

You KNOW you are ready for change, when
the desire to change is greater than the desire to stay the same!

Benefits of a Personalised Weight Loss Programme

Apart from all the amazing benefits listed above, there will be some benefits that are only known to you, and these are the most important.

Your brain holds the key, your hidden desires will empower you to get in shape, lose the fat and be the best you you can be.

This exciting programme is run over number of weeks, to include both conscious and subconscious brain retraining therapy, using the power of hypnosis, and coaching that will suit your lifestyle.

Includes personalised hypnotherapy audio designed specifically for you, plus support.

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Benefits of a One-Day Weight Loss Workshop

Would you like to dedicate a whole day to get you going?

You can book a one-day workshop to kick start your journey, BREAKTHROUGH THE BARRIERS and supercharge your motivation.

The next workshop will be held in Milton Keynes - details on request. Limited numbers.

  • Prioritise your health and put yourself first, for a change
  • Learn the science behind healthy weight loss
  • Learn the tools and techniques for losing weight and long term weight management
  • 3 separate sessions of hypnosis to re-programme your subconscious for success
  • Relaxed and informal atmosphere
  • Positive, interactive and empowering
  • Understand how your brain can sabotage you and find ways of making it work for you instead
  • Learn to connect with your body and understand its language
  • Begin to overcome emotional/comfort eating/cravings
  • Get your subconscious mind on your side so that weight management is easy
  • Renew your belief systems, your thoughts and your eating habits
  • Regain control, motivation and confidence

"I would definitely recommend Mary for hypnotherapy for weight loss. Since starting the sessions it changed my outlook on food and really made me think about what I was eating and when I was eating it. The weight started coming off and I really felt like I wasn’t trying and it all came easy. I still feel like I enjoy food and am not restricted about what I eat, I just know about making better choices and not to eat for the sake of eating."

Holly - February 2020

Weight Loss

Why Weight? Why not get in touch right now?

Let the transformation begin...

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Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how hypnotherapy/BWRT/coaching works, or to arrange your free consultation. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to see me, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

We can meet face to face in person in Milton Keynes or over Zoom on-line.

Feel free to call me on 07824 870959 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services. Find out more by reading my Privacy Policy.

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