Yawn Like A Tiger to Refocus Your Brain

If you have a lot going on, and you find yourself procrastinating or getting side-tracked when you really need to be getting on with what you are doing, a simple Yawn-Stretch-Relax exercise can re-focus your brain on what's important.

According to Mark Waldman, one of the world's leading experts on the brain, communication and spirituality, this simple exercise can restore balance and clarity, bringing you into the present moment and allowing your brain to process what's going on more efficiently.

The brain can only hold about 7 chunks of information at any one time, that's about 10 or 20 words, max. Is it any wonder we can't remember everything we want to remember? If there is a lot going on, it can seem overwhelming, but only if you think it's overwhelming. The way you communicate with yourself impacts on how your brain responds. If you think you can handle it, your brain deals with the situation much more effectively.

There are roughly 160 billion neurons in your brain and they are constantly communicating with each other, a hundred times faster than you think! Your brain is always working on your behalf in the background and a little help goes a long way. This little exercise helps your brain to sift through all the data and bring a bit of clarity to the situation, with a moment of calm.

Whole Brain Integration

According to Waldman, when you do the Yawn, Stretch & Relax exercise, it activates what's known as the Salience Network in the brain, where intuition and imagination live, and you are rewarded with a moment of whole brain integration. It's like hitting the reset button for clarity and focus, which may lead to an "AHA" moment about what's important.

Here's how to do it

Look away from what you are doing, disengage for a couple of minutes and force a slow yawn, stretch your arms, stretch or loosen your neck and shrug your shoulders, relax, and gently stroke a part of your bare skin, like your hand or arm. Give yourself a few moments to enjoy the feeling and then ask your intuition, "What's interesting, useful or insightful for me right now?" and just allow whatever comes to mind to come to mind. Wait and listen. It might be a whisper or it might speak loudly and clearly about what your next step might be. If it's of value to you, write it down.

If you can't yawn to begin with, just pretend to yawn and you will get better at it. Imagine watching your favourite animal yawning and see how they look so relaxed when they do it.

Learn to trust your intuition.Take a few moments right now to close your eyes, Yawn, Stretch & Relax.... and see what happens!

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